Friday, May 18, 2012

I love Diy Bangles!

www.diybangles.comFunctional art you can personalize.  It does not get better than this.  We were honored to have Diy Bangles products at our monthly Craft Supply Market in Beaumont, CA.  The ladies had so much fun decorating their unfinished wood bangles.  They come in various sizes and the quality is excellent and soaks up paint, inks, and dyes very easily.  They look great covered in lace, fabric, twines, etc.... Pictured is just a teeny sample of what I created with these wonderful bangles.  I actually wore one blank because I just liked how natural it looked, then I grabbed a sharpy pen and started to doodle while vending at an event, and ended up with these cool henna style design (bottom bangle pictured)
If you would like to purchase these unique blanks please visit

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Personalize your own Amor Shrine Pin

Amor Shrine Pin
Super simple shrine pins.
Using our mini pin shrine kit you can personalize your own miniature functional art piece. 
You will need a blank resin kit (you can purchase at for only 3.50 plus shipping), acrylic paint, paint brush, glitter, glue (I like Aleene's Original Tacky Glue), and a fine tip marker.
Paint the resin blanks and add glitter the the inside of the shadow box while the paint is still wet.
Allow all pieces to dry.
Using your marker write a special word on the banner.  I decided to write "Amor" for this one however you can write a name or an inspirational word.
When all the pieces are dried, use the glue to attach the flaming heart and banner.  Finish by adding a simple design to the border.

Wear with pride or give to a special someone as a wonderful handmade gift filled with Amor

Add a little red glitter to the heart.

We love to see what you are making using our supplies.  You can share your work here or on our Facebook fan page!/pages/Terra-Maya/165755113488032