Friday, May 18, 2012

I love Diy Bangles!

www.diybangles.comFunctional art you can personalize.  It does not get better than this.  We were honored to have Diy Bangles products at our monthly Craft Supply Market in Beaumont, CA.  The ladies had so much fun decorating their unfinished wood bangles.  They come in various sizes and the quality is excellent and soaks up paint, inks, and dyes very easily.  They look great covered in lace, fabric, twines, etc.... Pictured is just a teeny sample of what I created with these wonderful bangles.  I actually wore one blank because I just liked how natural it looked, then I grabbed a sharpy pen and started to doodle while vending at an event, and ended up with these cool henna style design (bottom bangle pictured)
If you would like to purchase these unique blanks please visit

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Personalize your own Amor Shrine Pin

Amor Shrine Pin
Super simple shrine pins.
Using our mini pin shrine kit you can personalize your own miniature functional art piece. 
You will need a blank resin kit (you can purchase at for only 3.50 plus shipping), acrylic paint, paint brush, glitter, glue (I like Aleene's Original Tacky Glue), and a fine tip marker.
Paint the resin blanks and add glitter the the inside of the shadow box while the paint is still wet.
Allow all pieces to dry.
Using your marker write a special word on the banner.  I decided to write "Amor" for this one however you can write a name or an inspirational word.
When all the pieces are dried, use the glue to attach the flaming heart and banner.  Finish by adding a simple design to the border.

Wear with pride or give to a special someone as a wonderful handmade gift filled with Amor

Add a little red glitter to the heart.

We love to see what you are making using our supplies.  You can share your work here or on our Facebook fan page!/pages/Terra-Maya/165755113488032

Monday, June 13, 2011

Looking forward to making a full catalog using Shutterfly to keep with me for anyone interested, a great vending tool.  Shutterfly is awesome for so many reasons, checkout my Shutterfly by clicking the link above and please give me your email so I can add you to my monthly emails to find out where I will be selling, business updates, just a way to keep in touch and up to date with Terra Maya. 
Shutterfly allows you to have a personal page with links to your shops, online, and add new photos, journals, etc, and all for free.
With Shutterfly you can also design your own book with simple picture dropping and add text.
I am going to make one for myself and a shorter lookbook style version for media and wholesale.  With Shutterfly books you do not have to worry about photo quality, I made a book for my husband for Father's Day and the quality is excellent an professional looking. 
Hey checkout our wholesale kit available to you too!

Here is an actual wholesale kit that we are allowing anyone to purchase.  Check it out at 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Arte De Mi Famila

My twin sister Melissa I feel is the the ultimate in quality and design when it comes to skull cabs.  She hand sculpts her cabs with quality clay, details them with paint and glitter, then uses resin to protect them.  That is a lot of work for these little guys but the hard work and quality stands out above all.  And she does all of this in her kitchen while she deals with her four kids!
You can find more of her unique little art at

How it all goes down here at Terra Maya

There is no big executive room where we sit with starbucks lattes and legal pads to discuss what we will be putting on the market for this quarter.  To give you a visual of how it all goes down, continue reading.

Sculpted, baked, and ready to paint, I start thinking about the possibilities. I run next door to my parent’s house, my dad is making an organizer for my mother’s jewelry making addiction, “Dad I made this little sculpture, can you make me a mini shadow box for it?” My dad stops everything he is doing, “Sure, I have extra wood, how about a ledge and an arch too.”  Perfect, I’ll list it for you on Etsy, I bet other artists could use one.  I run back home ready to paint “hmm, I should make a mold out of this,” I call my sister for a second opinion, “Dude I made this little flaming heart, I bet all sorts of artists would be interested in something like this for pins, jewelry, scrapbooking, I don’t know, what do you think?”  “I was just thinking that a flaming heart would be perfect for this necklace I am working on, weird, it must be the twin sister mind reading thing.”   Cool, I’ll make you a mold and trade me for some skull cabs”


Monday, May 30, 2011

Found some old photos

As an artist I sometimes get really down on myself about how untalented I am.  Then I think back and go thru old photos of a few things I have made and get really pumped up about my work.  Hey I may not be the most talented artist but I can say I am a versatile artist who has used several different materials.  So here I am sharing some old photos of what makes me proud to be a artist/crafter (I have even been published).