Monday, June 13, 2011

Looking forward to making a full catalog using Shutterfly to keep with me for anyone interested, a great vending tool.  Shutterfly is awesome for so many reasons, checkout my Shutterfly by clicking the link above and please give me your email so I can add you to my monthly emails to find out where I will be selling, business updates, just a way to keep in touch and up to date with Terra Maya. 
Shutterfly allows you to have a personal page with links to your shops, online, and add new photos, journals, etc, and all for free.
With Shutterfly you can also design your own book with simple picture dropping and add text.
I am going to make one for myself and a shorter lookbook style version for media and wholesale.  With Shutterfly books you do not have to worry about photo quality, I made a book for my husband for Father's Day and the quality is excellent an professional looking. 
Hey checkout our wholesale kit available to you too!

Here is an actual wholesale kit that we are allowing anyone to purchase.  Check it out at 

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  1. Great info. I think I opened an account there a while back, but never followed up on it! I love your supplies girly!