Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How it all goes down here at Terra Maya

There is no big executive room where we sit with starbucks lattes and legal pads to discuss what we will be putting on the market for this quarter.  To give you a visual of how it all goes down, continue reading.

Sculpted, baked, and ready to paint, I start thinking about the possibilities. I run next door to my parent’s house, my dad is making an organizer for my mother’s jewelry making addiction, “Dad I made this little sculpture, can you make me a mini shadow box for it?” My dad stops everything he is doing, “Sure, I have extra wood, how about a ledge and an arch too.”  Perfect, I’ll list it for you on Etsy, I bet other artists could use one.  I run back home ready to paint “hmm, I should make a mold out of this,” I call my sister for a second opinion, “Dude I made this little flaming heart, I bet all sorts of artists would be interested in something like this for pins, jewelry, scrapbooking, I don’t know, what do you think?”  “I was just thinking that a flaming heart would be perfect for this necklace I am working on, weird, it must be the twin sister mind reading thing.”   Cool, I’ll make you a mold and trade me for some skull cabs”


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